Secure Digital Funding

Digital Funding in Berlin is changing the way real estate financing is done in the German capital. A digital media company based in Berlin, Digital is a leader in the industry. Digital Förderung Berlin is an Internet-based real estate marketplace that offers investors a variety of real estate investment opportunities. Digital is backed by over 100 investors with exclusive access to digital media resources, a wide range of capital resources and access to global real estate market trends. This is a multi-family residential realty investment club that offers both lease purchase and buy to let property. The focus of Digital is to create strong relationships with its investors and provide them with transparent, fully-sourced investment information.

With the help of Digital investors can access global properties at rock bottom prices. They can also find suitable rental properties all across the globe. Digital has made it easy for private investors to access European property markets. Digital is also offering financial services to its members, which includes digital landlord finance. Financial services provided by the Digital team include lease-purchase agreement, lease exit agreement, fixed deposit and balloon payment, deposit insurance and rent guarantee.

Berlin is the most important hub of digital media in Germany and Europe. The city has an extremely well-connected transport system and a highly developed business sector. The city is very attractive for expatriates who are looking to start a business or expand an existing business. There are many business opportunities in Berlin, ranging from high profile banks, asset management companies and private equity groups.

There are also various other options for your business if you are thinking of expanding in this region. Digital provides you with a complete solution for digital media investments in Berlin. We offer services from web development to custom website development and marketing. Our clients’ portfolios are regularly updated and we constantly look for new and innovative ways to bring new and more profitable projects to our clients. We also work closely with our clients’ chosen media outlets so that our clients get the best possible value for their media investments.

For corporate investment and commercial real estate financing in Germany, Digital Asset Management is the one-stop solution. Our professional financial services firm manages all financial matters related to investments in property, corporate real estate, commercial real estate and equities. Our portfolio covers over 500 locations in Germany and we have offices in London, Tokyo, Singapore, Boston and New York. Our expert team provides essential business analysis and market research covering all aspects related to the business operations in Germany. Digital Asset Management provides complete guidance and solutions to your specific requirements.

As we all know that the future is here and it looks bright for all of us, then why not enjoy the ride and take advantage of what is coming? Invest in a secure business through digital media and we will provide you a secure, cost effective and risk free solution. We have years of experience in providing financial services and developing strategic business alliances for our clients across Europe, the US and Asia. So if you are looking to expand your business, then contact us to find out more!